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Design innovative products with incredible speed and precision!

Design faster and easier

The innovative automatic design platform will allow you to customize the look and function of the final product. A key feature is the ability to set detailed technical specifications for a project, such as the dimension of components, ventilation, buttons, speaker and more.

Take the first step with us on the path to complete automation of the design process. At the moment, we are focusing on creating housings for the IoT sector, but more challenges await!

Automatic design

It allows more products to be developed and marketed in less time. You increase profits and competitive advantage.

Cost reduction

Automation and acceleration of creative processes significantly reduce the costs associated with the lengthy and labour-intensive design process.

Faster design cycles

You can use iterations more often to discover and implement innovations faster. Keep up to date with changing market needs and customer preferences.

Full control over the project

You precisely control various aspects for the project, which translates into the quality of the final product.


Designers, along with machines, participate in the complex process of creating products

We use artificial intelligence to generate the styling of electronic device housings. The defined style trends serve as teaching examples for artificial intelligence, and the algorithms modify the base models to create the target 3D model. Throughout the process, we use various AI methods, such as neural networks and genetic algorithms.

  • We define style trends
  • We create a database for teaching AI algorithms
  • We parameterize stylistic features
  • We determine the design method and match the machine requirements

IoT housing configurator – the first step towards industrial design automation

Our tool provides speed, precision and, most importantly, simplicity of the new product development process. With the configurator, you speed up the design process and affect competitiveness and efficiency. You create customized products: choose features, style and specify dimensions.

Your engineering team can focus on developing the essential functions of the device, without having to think about the visual layer.

The platform is designed to support production on a variety of scales, from single-unit, through short-run to mass production. A faster design process enables companies to dynamically scale production according to market needs and respond to new trends.

If you are a start-up, with our platform you can more efficiently, quickly and attractively develop an MVP for investors, which will definitely make it easier to raise funds.

Specify the parameters

In the configurator you set detailed technical conditions for your project. You have full control over its appearance and functionality. You can customize every aspect to perfectly meet the expectations and needs of you and your customers.

Choose the style

The configurator gives you the opportunity to specify the appearance of your product. Choose a shape and put it under your control. You can decide whether your product should be minimalist, futuristic or rather classic.

Receive documentation

With the configurator, you will receive full production documentation of the housing, with technical drawings, Bill of Materials, 3D model and visualizations.

Design your perfect product.
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Our team

Jacek Ryń – a graduate and doctor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he has been the head of the Product Design Department for the past 3 years. He has been running Jacek Ryń Studio since 2020. He designs various items, including furniture, lighting and rehabilitation equipment. His PLC radiator won Good Design award 2014 and the must have title 2015 at the Łódź Design Festival. He co-created the Pictor rehabilitation device, awarded as the Polish Product of the Future in 2013. 

The Member of the Program Council of Gdynia Design Days 2015 and 2016. Since 2016, he has been the CEO of Rokky, a company that produces intelligent electric heating systems. His extensive design experience has been the foundation for creating automated design strategies.


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Project financing

R&D Microgrants for Pomeranian Companies. European
Regional Development Fund.

Regional Development Fund’s „μGrants R&D for Enterprises” program aims to combine science and business and improve access to advanced research services for Pomeranian entrepreneurs.

The project objectives:
In the course of the research project, the priority will be to develop, test and validate AI algorithms for the creation of a dedicated software module to support the selection of housing styles based on the identified needs and expectations of the recipient. The aim of the project is to conduct research and development work verifying the above assumptions.

Implementation Period: 01.03.2023 – 31.08.2023

Total project amount: PLN 200,000.00

Grant Amount: PLN 150,000.00

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